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Medical Translations

Given the life or death nature of medical translation, we put a strong emphasis on the translation quality to ensure the accuracy of the content.

IT Translations

Translate and refine the translation of the technical content for the targeted users, making sure the translations of materials with technical jargons are correct and clear.

Machinery and Equipment Translations

Accurately convert the intended meaning of the source language to the target language utilizing industry-specific experts.

Legal Translations

Every provision and obligation defined under a legal framework is critical for success, and most importantly, it can be upheld in a court of law. Accountability and liabilities must be clearly defined as described by the original source content.

Consulting Service

We provide valuable practices, extensive knowledge, and cutting-edge tools to our clients and translation companies, to enable continuous process improvement in order to save operating costs and facilitate their services.


We offer various automated tools for streamlining tedious tasks and comprehensive solutions to the companies who are seeking innovative solutions to their everyday problems.

Tools and Resources

About Us

We are a company formed by a group of former colleagues who have been working in the localization industry for more than 10 years. After leaving our previous company, we seek for a more free and balanced life between work and family. One day, when we met and have a cup of coffee, we found that we all have wide experiences in this industry and, of course, have lots of accreditation from customers. So this is where our story begins.



We wish to create more values for our clients by using innovative technologies in the translation processes and quality control.


We maintain and deliver excellence by meticulously examine and complete each project in great detail. Every project’s scope is clearly defined and every milestone gets evaluated by our experts and project managers alike.


An excellent work is based on good team work. We keep competitve and productive with continuours communication and collaboration with our team members and clients during the life span of every project.


We wish to create a more balanced life between work and family for our colleagues.

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